International Public AND
Private Sector Services

"The United States is the world's premier producer and exporter of services and is the largest component of the U.S. economy. Foreign markets offer incredibly bright prospects for further export expansion and creating new jobs by companies exporting U.S. services, and we have barely begun to tap these markets. U.S. services exports more than doubled over the past ten years, ... rising to $246 billion last year." U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration

IMMA Ltd. continues to be dynamically positioned to effectively build and expand its expertise within the global market-place providing highly technical management consulting/advisory services, with geographic emphasis in the European Union, Central and Eastern Europe, Baltic regions, and Eurasia, as well as the United States. (See U.S. Government)

IMMA Ltd provides International Business Development Services within the following countries:

Albania Germany Moldova
Armenia Hungary Poland
Belarus Italy Russia
Bulgaria Latvia Slovak Republic
Croatia Lithuania Ukraine
Czech Republic Macedonia United Kingdom
France Mexico


IMMA Ltd's Management Consulting and Advisory Services include:

Management Services
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Project Investment Strategies
  • Negotiation and Problem-Solving Facilitation
Marketing Services
  • Strategic Market Development
  • Market Research
  • Event Management, Logistics and Promotion
  • Diplomacy, Protocol, and Communication
Management Training (Off-the-Shelf Programs)
  • Performance Measures Seminar
  • Gender Sensitivity Training Seminar
  • Project Management Seminar
  • Self-directed Work Teams Seminar
  • Action Planning Workshop
  • Group Dynamics Workshop
  • Cross-cultural Team Building Workshop

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