European Union & Eurasia

"Innovation, Inclusion, and Integration: the only viable route to lasting prosperity ... and depends on there being a supportive business environment, specifically one that delivers competition, a deep financial sector, good governance, superior skills, and infrastructure. While many countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union have put the 1990s crisis behind them, they need to innovate, including all their citizens in the development of their countries, and integrate with the broader global economy if they wish to sustain growth." - The World Bank report, July 21, 2008

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of France
Consulate General of France, San Francisco, California, special project consulting and appearance on news broadcast program on KRON -TV (NBC) in San Francisco to discuss international trade activities between California and France.

Air France, Paris, France and San Francisco, California, International Business Development and Special Market Development Services. Development of U.S. marketing program for special interest markets in France. Successful results presented at Air France National Sales and Marketing Convention, "Developing Special Interest Markets in the U.S. and Europe".

SICOB (Salon International d'Informatique, Telematique, Communication, Organization de Bureau et Bureautique), Paris, France and the United States; U.S. national representative of the Paris Technology Trade Show in sales/market analysis and public relations in support of U.S. and French business development.
  • Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Republic of Poland
Organized and conducted an official Polish senior trade and investment delegation, which included four delegates of ministerial rank for purposes of international trade development.
  • State, Federal, and International Business and Trade Relations
USAID/AED/World Learning Inc., Washington D.C., providing management program development to include design, processing, implementation, and evaluation of international training programs for participants from Central and Europe and Balkan and Baltic States.

SBA - Center for International Trade and Development, San Francisco, California, creating the methodology to develop and conduct a program providing both international trade counseling and managment training for small and medium size business owners to encourage the enterprise expansion of import/export international sales (funded by the Small Business Association).

California Trade and Commerce Agency, International Trade and Investment Division, California Export Finance Office, Annual Board of Directors Meeting; keynote speaking engagement, "International Trade Opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe"

U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C., Expo 94 Conference, Andrews AFB; IMMA presentation on "International Marketing and Government Procurement"

San Francisco Chamber of Commerce/World Trade Organization, produced seminar, "Doing Business in Poland"
  • Economic Development/Public Administration

Czech Republic, Town Council of Johanna and Kutna Hora
Czech Republic, Supreme Court
Latvia, Ministry of Economics
Latvia, Privatization Agency
Lithuania, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Macedonia, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
Macedonia, Agency for Transformation of Enterprises with Social Capital
Moldova, Ministry of Economics and Reform
Poland, Walbrzych, Economic Development Agency,
Poland, Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations
Poland, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Poland, Capital Authority for City Development, Warsaw
Ukraine, Agency for the Development of Enterprise

  • Banking and Finance

Bulgaria, First Financial Brokerage House, Sofia
Bulgaria, Deneb Consult Ltd., Sofia
Croatia, Varazdin OTC Market
Latvia, Latvijas Banka (Central Bank of Latvia)
Latvia, Riga Stock Exchange
Lithuania, National Bank of Lithuania
Poland, Narodowy Bank Polski (Central Bank of Poland),
Poland, LubBank Rozwoju Eksportu S.A. Warsaw
Slovak Republic, Postova Banka, A.S. Bratislava
Slovak Republic, Ceskoslovenska Obchodna Banka, A.S. Bratislava
Slovak Republic, Istrobanka Bank, Poprad
Slovak Republic, Agrobanka, Banska Bystrica
Slovak Republic, Ceskoslovenska Obchodna Banka A.S.
Slovak Republic, Pobocka Banska Bystrica
Ukraine, Association of Banks of Lviv

  • Municipal Finance in Local Government
Czech Republic, City of Krnov, Finance Department
Czech Republic. City of Sternbeck, Finance Department
Czech Republic, City of Samperk, Finance Department
Czech Republic, City of Ostrava, Finance Department
Czech Republic, City of Usti nad Labem, Finance Department
Czech Republic, City of Mestsky urad, Finance Department
  • Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Development

Albania, Alb-Santorini
Albania, Interkon Feksjone
Albania, Shqiperia Trikot
Albania, Adriatex
Albania, Arisa Konfeksion
Albania, Konfeksione Krel
Belarus, AuxiTech Corporation
Belarus, VESTA Ice Cream Company
Belarus, Prosma Ltd.
Bulgaria, Business Support Center for Small Medium Enterprises
Bulgaria, Deneb-Consult Ltd.
Croatia, FIMA d.o.o., Varazdin
Croatia, Eurolink, Republic of Croatia
Croatia, Spatial Information Systems Ltd.
Hungary, Tailor Tanoka Kft
Lithuania, Utenos Trikotazas
Moldova, Eksim-Asint
Ukraine, LIGA
Ukraine, Svan
Ukraine, Interterminal
Ukraine, Tehservis Ltd.
Ukraine, Yhernomorstroyindustria
Ukraine, Belarus Agency of Trade & Realty Commodity Exchange
Ukraine, UkrEst Intercom. Ltd.
Ukraine, Yatros Medical Clinic
Ukraine, Agency of Trade & Realty Commodity Exchange
Ukraine, Escor Ltd.
Ukraine, J.V. Digal
Ukraine, Tzay Medical Center
Ukraine, Shtrika Advertising and Information Agency

  • Energy/Sustainable Development

Czech Republic, The Institute of Landscape Ecology
Lithuania, State Energy Pricing Commission
Lithuania, Lithuania Energy Institute
Lithuania, Ministry of Environmental Protection
Lithuania, National Control Commission for Energy Prices and Energy Activities
Poland, Ministry of Privatization, Foundation of Ownership Changes

  • Institutional and NGO Management

Albania, Polytech University, Textile Department
Bulgaria, Association of Bulgarian Broadcasters
Bulgaria, Bulgarian Media Coalition
Croatia, Institute for Development and International Relations
Poland, Polish Children and Youth Foundation, Warsaw
Poland, Foundation for Social and Economic Initiatives, Warsaw
Ukraine, Soyuz Ukrainok
Ukraine, NGO Women's Information-Coordination Center
Ukraine, Women and Youth Business Development Agency
Ukraine, Donetsk Regional League of Business & Professional Women


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