International Management and Marketing Associates (IMMA Ltd), a leader in providing national and international business development services for the public and private sectors, is headquartered at San Mateo, California in Silicon Valley North with affiliates in Europe. IMMA Ltd's professional consulting services are focused on U.S. and international governments and private sector clients resulting in today's increased economic development with the European Union, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), and the Baltic and Balkan regions.

Structured as a multi-disciplinary team of internationally accomplished associates and highly regarded partners, IMMA Ltd's professionals implement key expertise with competitive, innovating and instructive framework programs in the following international industry sectors:

• Trade and Investment Infrastructure
• Banking and Finance
•  Public and Private Sector Collaboration
•  Environment/Energy
•  Agribusiness
•  Technology and Media
•  Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) Development

By virtue of a demonstrated capability in functional service areas between the private sector and the U.S. government, IMMA Ltd was awarded a GSA/MAS Multiple MOBIS (Management Oriented Business Integrated Services) Award contract. This fast-track procurement tool positions IMMA Ltd as a pre-qualified provider of both domestic and international management consulting services to U.S. government agencies, such as U.S. Dept. of State, USAID and GSA. (See U.S. Government)

The resources of IMMA Ltd's unique expert, core consulting team is primed to provide strategic responsible vision, quality professional management, and seasoned advisory services in an atmosphere of trust, confidentiality and collaboration achieving sustainable results for its U.S. and international clients.

The IMMA Ltd organization composition of international associates and distinguished corporate partners underscores the shared corporate values of integrity, team work, creativity, and knowledge-seeking by bridging these segments to enhance economic value and social improvement on behalf of client organizations.

These precise corporate values are what translate into quality project facilitation for the exclusive benefit of both our international and U.S. client engagements.





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